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Moose hunt

About HuntingMoose hunt



  • Duration of the tour is about 14 days.
  • The ideal number of people in a group: 5-6 hunters plus 5-6 guides (one per each hunter), camp worker and a cook.
  • All the equipment, guides and camp staff are taken to the places of hunt beforehand to prepare the main camp for hunters.
  • After arriving to Magadan,  hunters are taken by An-26  plane to Omolon village. From there either by motor boat or by  MI-8 helicopter hunters are transferred to the base camp.
  • We recommend you to inform us in advance on what equipment you are going bring to Magadan. It is possible to purchase the equipment at our store. We can provide clothes and footwear for you. Just indicate your sizes.
  • Skinning and photographing of a trophy will be provided by the guides. Also we arrange veterinary documentation for trophy exportation.
  • Trophies will be processed according to agreements of the taxidermist with the special requirements of our guests. For example, dorsal bear skinning for preparing a standing trophy.
  • Communication by satellite phone with main office in Magadan is carried out everyday.
  • During the moose hunt, it is possible to go hunting for bear, snow sheep and karibou, bird hunting for the elusive black-billed capercailzies.
  • When the hunt is over, hunters and the trophies are taken by motor boats back to Omolon village where they overnight. Next day - departure to Magadan.

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The Hunt

Moose hunt is conducted by walking from the main camp or a spike camp and sometimes using a motorboat with an outboard motor. 

KOLYMA-TRAVEL conducts tours using very spacious Zodiac class motor boats equipped with Yamaha-50 engine. Each holds two hunters and two guides.

When walking, hunter and a guide usually cover an area not further than 15 km from the base camp, however, it depends on hunter's preferences. The hunt is mainly practiced by observing and approaching the feeding spots of moose, using binoculars if needed. As soon as the animal is spotted, a guide will advise hunter on the  size of the trophy and its distance in order to make a successful shot.

When using motor boats, the hunter and his guide are dropped off in the place where there is a high probability of spotting an animal. The guide communicates with the boat guide via satellite phone to indicate when to come ashore. As a rule, the hunter and the guide take with them  a portable 2-man tent, sleeping bags and a gas stove. In this case, a bigger area can be covered to bag a trophy.

As a result, the success rate to get a big game goes up.   


Accommodation in  base camps, with a generator and a sauna



and spike camps with a stove



The tour cost includes:

  • meeting/seeing off at the airport;


  • transportation within Magadan region


  • Hunting card registration
  • Shooting trophy game registration
  • Riffle and ammunition permits
  • Export veterinary certifications registration, all necessary export documentation for your trophy
  • Permission for visiting registered border zone territory
  • Registration in Magadan
  • Accommodation at the hunting camp
  • Guiding services
  • Interpreting services
  • Processing of the trophy

Price does NOT include:

  • Flight to Magadan and back
  • Accommodation and meals in Magadan before and after hunt
  • Visa support
  • Alcoholic beverages (usually we advise our guests to buy required amount of alcohol depending on personal preferences directly in Magadan before beginning of the tour)
  • Payment for trophy transportation (extra pieces of luggage) from Magadan to the destination point.
  • Insurance
  • Tips



1st Day. Arrival at the airport in Magadan. Overnight stay at the hotel in Magadan. 

2d Day.  Flight from Magadan to Omolon village by An-26  plane. From Omolon, motor boat or helicopter transfer to the place of hunt. In case of MI-8 helicopter transportation, additional fees apply. Arrival to the base camp. Acquaintance with our team, hunting area and hunting instructions. Familiarization, sighting, shooting and testing weapons instruction, discussion of safety rules.

3d Day. Breakfast. Visiting spike camps. Beginning of hunt. Lunch is provided in lunch boxes during the hunt.Overnight stay in a spike camp.Discussion of hunting results with guides.

4-11 Day. Similar to day 3, the hunt is carried out by moving across the  hunting area either by walking or by motor boat. During this period hunters can return to the base camp to have a rest, discuss hunting results with the supervisor, change hunting plan and location if necessary.

12 Day. Preparation for departure.Final preservation of trophies and packing. Motor boat transfer to Omolon village or other nearest settlement (it depends on the weather), accommodation in the hotel;

13 Day. Breakfast. Plane transfer to  Magadan, accommodation in the hotel;

14 Day. Airport transfer, departure to Moscow.


Camp Staff and Facilities

Each  hunter will be accompanied by a professional guide who has years of experience of working with international hunters.Accommodation is provided in fully equipped  heated camps, either in log-houses or tents, each can accommodate 2-3 hunters.The main camp has a heater, generator, toilet, banya (Russian sauna with a shower, wash-basin, mini-steamer), a dining room and a satellite telephone for worldwide communications.

Kolyma-Travel provides the following equipment:

  • Portable tents for setting up spike camps
  • Survival kit
  • Fire dishes

If you need  any other equipment such as sleeping bags, boots, snow shoes, raincoats etc., you may purchase everything in our company store in Magadan.


1.We strongly recommend  that you take  only necessary things  with you for the tour. Keep in mind that on the way back you will need to pay for the excess luggage (including bags, weapons and trophies)

2.Please, take with you appropriate warm clothes and sleeping bags suitable for low temperatures (-40C)


Enjoy your trip! Good Luck!