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Brown bear hunt

About HuntingBrown bear hunt





Duration  - 10 - 12 days

Spring bear hunts can be organized by several means:

- Walking -   is carried out at a distance not more than 15 km from the main camp taking in consideration the physical condition and desires of the hunter. Every day the hunter and the guide walk around the lands where trophy animals can be found, with the field glasses. When the animal is found the guide consults the hunter about the approximate sizes of the animal and helps to get it, after the guide cuts the animal and takes the trophy (scull and the skin) back to the camp.


- Hunt by snowmobiles -  the maximal remoteness is about 25-30 km (around 18 miles). Snowmobiles go about 100- 150 km per day.


- Coast hunt by motor boats -  transportation is carried out by motor boats (Zodiac class with Yamaha - 50  jet)


The guide communicates with the boat guide via satellite phone to indicate when to come ashore. As a rule the hunter and his guide take  e a portable two men tent, sleeping bags and a gas stove. In such a way more area can be covered to bag a trophy.

The hunter and his guide go ashore to the place where they will possibly encounter an animal (as a rule, they take a 2 seat tent, sleeping bags and a gas stove). After time, they are picked up.

As a result, the success rate to get a big game goes up.   

Accommodation in base camps and, if necessary, in tent camps with generator and tent banya (sauna). 


1st day: Arrival at the airport in Magadan. Instruction and discussion of safety rules. Departure to the lodge by Miyogan Eight (MI-8) helicopter


vessel, motor boat or vehicle depending on the type of tour. Acquaintance with the our team, hunting area and hunting instructions. Familiarization, sighting, shooting and testing weapons instruction.


Introducing guides, distribution of maps and hunting areas.   

2d  - 3d days: Breakfast. Distribution of hunting directions for the day. Lunch will be served in the field. Return to the camp. Supper. Discussion of results with a guide and a supervisor.

4th - 10th  days: The following days are like the second and third. In case of an unsuccessful hunt, the evening of the fourth or seventh day will be used to move the base camp to a different area. The supervisor could make another decision after discussion with the hunters. All decisions will be communicated with the KOLYMA-TRAVEL office in Magadan before the end of the evening. In the morning of the 5th  or 8th  days, the base camp will be transferred to another site.

11th  day: After breakfast, final preservation of trophies and packing will be completed. Hunters will depart for Magadan.   Accommodation in the hotel.

12th day: Transfer to the airport.