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About Hunting

Hunting tours  

KOLYMA-TRAVEL invites you to take part in a trophy animal hunting in the vast expanses of the Magadan region. For two weeks you could turn into one of the earliest explorers, miles  away from civilization. Along with the trophy hunting, you will have the opportunity to hunt  for migrating birds and  try fishing in the Sea of Okhotsk and clear rivers of Magadan. 

Unique hunting experience

Kolyma-Travel offers you a true wild hunting experience in taiga - boreal forests of Northern Russia. We do not do hunting over bait or any other interference into nature, no fences, no watch towers - it is just you, face to face with the wild!  The bigger is the joy and  satisfaction from such a hunt. Truly unforgettable adventure! 

Based on our previous experiences, we can guarantee you a quality hunt with a very high opportunity for success in taking a trophy animal.


Brown bear using snow equipment - April 22th - May 15th
Brown bear by boats - May 15th -  June 5th
Brown bear, snow sheep, karibou - September 1st - November 15th
Moose hunt - September 1st - December 25th



Kolyma-Travel  leases large hunting territories in remote areas of the Magadan region including:

  • coastal area of the Okhotsk Sea (more than 270 thousand hectares, around 600 000 acres)– suitable for spring and autumn brown bear hunts and snow sheep hunts
  • upper reaches of  the rivers, area of the watershed of the Okhotsk Sea basin(more than 250 thousand hectares, around 600 000 acres) – habitat  for snow sheep, brown bear and caribou
  • inland of the region, middle reaches of the river Omolon, on the border of  the Magadan region, Koryak region and Chukotka region (more than 790 thousand hectares, around 1 900 000 acres) abundant in East Siberian moose, snow sheep, brown bear, caribou, wolf,  wolverine and sable.


          The duration of  a hunting tour averages from 8 to 14 days.

  • Usually hunters will be at the base camp on the day of their arrival to Magadan or the next day (depending on the flight timetable and weather conditions), with the exception of the beforehand discussed situations.
  • We recommend you to inform us  on what equipment you are going to bring to Magadan. It is possible to purchase the equipment at our store. We could provide clothes and footwear for you. Just indicate your sizes.
  • Skinning and photographing of a trophy will be provided by the guides. Also, we arrange veterinary documentation for trophy exportation.
  • Trophies will be processed according to agreements of the taxidermist with the special requirements of our guests. For example, dorsal bear skinning for preparing a standing trophy.
  • Communication by satellite phone with main office in Magadan is carried out everyday.
    During the moose hunt, it is  also possible to go hunting for brown bear and birds such as the elusive black-billed capercaize.

  • It is possible to have hunting tour at the same time for different trophies: for example - snow sheep, brown bear and reindeer.

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Fishing  during hunt is also possible:

Dolly varden char, 

Photo №6

grayling, East Siberian char - river fishing

Photo №7

Or flounder, perch, ruff, crab - sea fishing

Photo №8

KOLYMA-TRAVEL conducts tours using very spacious Zodiac class motor boats equipped with Yamaha engine. Each holds two hunters and two guides.

Exact terms of hunting and fishing tours please specify!