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Polar wolf hunt

About HuntingPolar wolf hunt




Polar  wolf  hunt  on snowmobiles

Fresh air, magnificent pristine nature and driving on snowmobiles will  provide an unforgettable trip to the wild!



Tour  Duration: 10 – 12 days
The best number of  hunters  in the group; 2-6 people and 1-3 guides 
After arriving at the Magadan Airport  and getting luggage and weapons, hunters  are taken by car to the  Koubaka  area (960 km) with a overnight stop in the Omsukchan village.
All the necessary equipment, including  stoves, tents, generators, snowmobiles, fuel, provision etc., are prepared beforehand at the base camp.
At the Koubaka site hunters spend a night and the next day by snowmobiles  go to a base camp where our guides and staff already wait for them.
We recommend you to inform us in advance on what  hunting equipment you are bringing with you.
Clothes and shoes should be  comfortable and warm enough,  suitable for snowmobile drive  at low temperatures (-40 C). It is also necessary to take with you ski goggles and a protective face mask, as well as a camouflage jacket.
It is possible to purchase the equipment at our store, just inform us in advance about the footwear and  clothes size.
A sleeping bag and rug should be warm enough in case of overnight stays in tents.
The Hunt
The hunt is carried out on snowmobiles, hunters with guides go around the hunting territory later returning to the base camp or  staying in spike camps where necessary.
Every day hunters with guides explore the territory looking for possible  tracks of wolves. Once the wolf is spotted, he is carefully stalked in order to make the hunt more effective and successful. 
After the hunt, trophies (skin and skull) are taken to the base camp.
We use snowmobiles to move around the hunting lands as the territory is vast (more than 1 million hectares) and usually  hunters cover  up to 100-150km daily.
Thus, using snowmobiles and covering large area increases our chances of  spotting a trophy  and having a successful hunt.
In order to move over long distances we use spike camps for overnight.



Accommodation is provided  in  base camps and mobile spike-camps. Base camp includes log-houses with sauna and generators, kitchen etc.

While moving away from the base camp, we provide spike camps  in remote areas: tents are equipped with wood-burning tin stoves.

Additional:  while hunting for wolf it is also possible to hunt for  wolverine (Gulo gulo) - is the largest land-dwelling species of the family Mustelidae. The adult wolverine size is usually ranging from 65-80 cm.(25-32 in), tail -15-25 cm (5-10 in),height -35-45 cm (15-18 in), weight -9-30 kg (22-65 lb). The males are larger than females. Several subspecies are distinguished: Eurasian, Siberian, Yakut and North-Eastern wolverine.



Daily tour description:

Tour duration – 12 days

Day 1

Arrival at the Magadan Airport. Departure to the lodge by MI-8 helicopter/snowmobile/ off-road cars – depending on the tour.

Instructions and discussions of safety rules. Acquaintance with the staff, familiarization with hunting area, hunt specifications. Trial shooting, sighting and testing weapons. Introducing guides, distributing area and hunting routes, first day of hunt. Return to base camp.

Day 2-3

Breakfast, distribution of  hunting routes for the day. Lunch will be served in the field. Return to base camp. Dinner. Discussion of hunting results with a guide and a supervisor.

Day 4-10

The following days’ routine is similar to day 2. However, in case of unsuccessful hunt our supervisor can decide to move the base camp to a different area.  At any time, tour program can be adjusted depending on hunters’ preferences. All decisions should be communicated to the Kolyma-Travel  main office in Magadan before the end of the evening.

In the morning on the 5th or 8th day  the base camp will be relocated  to a different hunting area.

Day 10-11


Final preservation and packing of trophies. Transportation by helicopter/cars to Magadan.

Accommodation in the hotel.

Day 12

Transfer to the airport. Departure.


Camp Staff and Facilities

Each  hunter will be accompanied by a professional guide who has years of experience of working with international hunters.Accommodation is provided in fully equipped  heated camps, either in log-houses or tents, each can accommodate 2-3 hunters.The main camp has a heater, generator, toilet, banya (Russian sauna with a shower, wash-basin, mini-steamer), a dining room and a satellite telephone for worldwide communications.

Kolyma-Travel provides the following equipment:

  • Portable tents for setting up spike camps
  • Survival kit
  • Fire dishes

If you need  any other equipment such as sleeping bags, boots, snow shoes, raincoats etc., you may purchase everything in our company store in Magadan.



1.We strongly recommend   that you take with you only necessary things for the tour. Keep in mind that on the way back you will need to pay for the excess luggage (including bags, weapons and trophies)
2.Please, take with you appropriate warm clothes and sleeping bags suitable for low temperatures (-40C)
Trophies will be processed according to requirements of the taxidermist with the special request from our guests. We also  arrange veterinary documentation for trophy exportation.
Communication by satellite phone with main office in Magadan is carried out everyday.
We can also arrange hunting for other trophies if necessary.
The tour price does NOT include alcoholic beverages. We advise our guests to buy beverages they need beforehand in Magadan.