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Video review. September 28, 2018



Review on the moose hunt from our guests Roger Puccinelli  and his son, USA:

We arrived Tues. Morning in Omolon Village loaded our gear in small boats and headed up river. My son Ryan,  me,  four other hunters three from Denmark, one from Russia,  guides and camp cook. We went up river approx. 45 miles as night fell we stopped at an Indian camp and spent the night in small huts. In the morning we were on our way again another 40 miles to base camp. Half way to base camp we saw a bull Moose swimming across the river our rented guns were in the cooks boat our guide had a shotgun with slugs and handed it to me I shot hit the moose but not hard enough to stop him the guide let out his dog and we followed up river to where the moose stopped,  the guide pulled out an old 30/30 carbine and handed it to me to put him down. That was my first Moose and he was big. We took some meat for camp and would come back the next morning to collect the rest. We spent the next two days at base camp collecting the Moose, separating into hunting groups loading supplies and tents to go up river and  set up our spike camp. The next morning we were off again approx. 85 miles up river we stopped and pitched camp. In the morning Ryan and the two guides Surgay and Egor climbed the mountain behind camp to survey the area and look for Moose and Bear. They spotted a bear and took off in the direction the Bear was headed. After several hours of following the tracks they gave up and headed back to camp. We did some fishing caught 3 Siberian  trout and 5 Grayling. Seeing no Moose in the area or fresh sign we broke camp the next morning and headed up river. An hour into the next leg of our hunt Surgay spotted a Moose running through the trees pulled the boat over and Ryan and Surgay took off through the woods in the direction the Moose was headed they caught up with the Moose Ryan shot and dropped his first Moose. Three days hunting two Moose taken. Then off again set up a new camp. It rained and snowed all night but cleared the next morning and Ryan and the guides headed back up another mountain. Spotting a large moose a long way from where they were they made a plan and were off. E gor had spotted a smaller Moose about  two miles from camp we took off in the direction he saw the Moose after several hours of walking thru the trees, bogs, and river no moose. We doubled back  the Moose got up from his bed 180 meters in the trees and I had my second Moose.

Ryan and Surgay tracked the Moose for about 5 miles  when they caught up with him Ryan did not have a clean shot and passed. They never saw him again. It was a long day the sun had gone down it was cold and started to rain turning into  snow. The next morning we headed back to pack out my moose, Ryan and Surgay headed out hunting  Egor and I headed back to base camp with the meat.  It was raining off and on and 40 miles down river I see another Bull moose standing on the bank of a small river flowing into the river we were traveling down. Egor says that is a big Moose do you want to take another Moose. Never hunted Moose, 73 years old with bad knees I thought this may be my last wilderness hunt  it’s a trophy moose I said yes. My third Moose we gutted it out and took just the cape marked the spot so we could come back for the rest of it since our boat was already over loaded and headed out again. It started raining hard and the boat kept picking up moss and rocks and we had to stop several times to clean out the pump. As we rounded a bend in the river we met the Russian hunter and his guide they had not seen a bull yet. We travel another 5 miles pulled over to the bank to clean the pump and spotted another moose way off in the trees we looked at him with binoculars and Egor said whoof that a monster Moose you should take. It was a long shot and I missed maybe someone was saying you have enough.

That’s four large moose in in four days of hunting,  Egor said you are very lucky I agree and feel very blessed that I was very fortunate to share this great hunt with my son, the guides and hunters from other countries.

Roger Puccinelli 



Review from our guest from Switzerland, Lorenz Guerke, hunt 2018:


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