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Accommodation and Facilities

About Accommodation and Facilities

We provide accommodation at the base camps  in fully equipped heated log-houses, each can  accommodate up to 3 hunters. At the base camp all necessary facilities are provided for your comfort: a toilet, banya (Russian sauna with a shower, wash-basin, mini-steamer), a dining room and a satellite telephone for worldwide communications.

Base camp Kegali  - is used during autumn for  brown bear, moose, caribou and bighorn sheep hunting. 

Base camp on the river Srednaya -   is used during spring hunt for brown bear.

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In case of  spike camps, our company provides tents with a heater, generator, plank beds with blankets and rugs on the floor. In the spike camps light tents (4 season backpack tent) are used. Spike camps are set up  when hunters and guides need to overnight away from the base camp.

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During hunting and fishing tours, when moving about the area,  we also set up temporary tent base camps which are all well-equipped and heated as well:

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Kolyma-Travel hunting team consists of guides(1 guide per 1 hunter), a cook, camp worker and a supervisor.

The supervisor (or a chief guide) will manage the hunting tour and distribute hunting directions to various areas. He will control trophy processing and will be in contact with a KOLYMA-TRAVEL main office in Magadan. The supervisor will be responsible for your safety during the hunting tour. He will be also responsible for the first-aid. If necessary,the supervisor can act as a guide taking on all of his responsibilities.

Each hunter will be accompanied by a professional guide who has a minimum  hunting experience of 5 years. He will provide the opportunity to bag a trophy moose or brown bear with a shot no bigger than 200 meters (220 yards). He will be responsible for your safety, photographing the trophy, trophy processing for taxidermy and shipment. The guide will remain with the hunter during the entire hunt.

The camp worker will keep the camp clean and will be responsible for the wood, camp generator, communication facilities, water and petrol. He will also take care of servicing the tents, shower and banya.

There will be a cook at the camp.The cook will serve three meals per day in the main camp. In the spike camps food is prepared by a guide. Lunch boxes will be prepared daily for the hunters.  We recommend you to inform us of your personal eating preferences and we will make our best to provide you with customized service.