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Rafting down the river Tahtoyama

About FishingRafting down the river Tahtoyama

Location: Olsky district

Transportation: rafting by air boats

Distance: 80 km (50miles)

Duration: 8-14 days

Number of people in the group: 6-10

Season:  August – September



The Tahtoyama river flows east of Magadan and  has very smooth flow without rapids. It runs its way through picturesque landscape with rocky banks and cliffs. Along the  Tahtoyama river basalt rocks can be found with real agates in them. The river is abundant in wildlife: there are plenty of  arctic char and dolly varden char as well as chum salmon and coho salmon,  coming here during spawning. Along the river you can meet brown bear, several species of ducks and even a Steller's sea eagle –a bird listed in the Red Book of endangered species.

The tour begins from the mouth of  the Naked Stream, rafting takes place on inflatable boats, overnight stays  - in tent camps.


The river is a habitat for:

Arctic grayling – up to 1,5kg (3,3 lbs) 

Dolly Varden char ( Salvelinus malma) up to 3 kg (6,6 lbs)

White-spotted char – up to 9 kg (19 lbs)

Сhum salmon  (Oncorhynchus keta) -up to 5kg (11lbs)

Coho salmon - up to 8 kg(17lbs) ( Oncorhynchus kisutch)  


KOLYMA-TRAVEL conducts all tours using very spacious Zodiac class motor boats equipped with Yamaha engine. Each holds two hunters and two guides



The package includes:

  • meeting our guests  at the Magadan airport (50 km -31 miles from the city)
  • transportation on the off-road cars (Gaz-66, Ural, Kamaz) to the starting point of rafting tour; or transfer to the helicopter pad
  • rafting and fishing
  • accommodation  in the camp with 3-time meals service, assistance of our guides and a cook
  • provided tourist equipment: rubber boats, tents, life jackets, rugs
  • Departure from the final place of rafting  by helicopter MI-8
  • Meeting of the group at helicopter pad and transportation to  the hotel in Magadan
  • Transfer to the Magadan Airport
  • Obtaining permits for visiting border area, purchasing licenses

Package does NOT include:

• Transportation costs: flight to  Magadan and back;

• city tours (optional);

• Accommodation and meals in the hotel;

•Personal expenses;




Tour program

Day 1

We meet our guests at the Magadan Airport and take them either by helicopter  or by off-road cars to the starting point of rafting tour. We provide accommodation in a tent camp with 3-meals service. We get prepared for the upcoming fishing and get to know the area.

Day 2

Start off early in the morning, breakfast at the camp, preparation for rafting. Snacks (cold lunch) and beverages are provided for guests during rafting. There will be several stops for fishing and rest, two guides accompany the group all the way. Meanwhile  the camp is transported downstream to the new spot that is safe and convenient for overnight stay and fishing. 

In the evening, our  guests arrive to the camp, have dinner and some leisure time.

Day 3-10

Similar to Day 2. However,  it is always possible to adjust the tour program to our guests’ needs - we can stop anywhere you like for 1-2 days.

Day 11

Morning wake up, breakfast, fishing close to the camp. Your guides will prepare everything for departure. After lunch, helicopter will pick you up and transfer to Magadan.

Checking in to the hotel in the city, personal time for  shopping and dinner.

Day 12

Wake up, breakfast. Optionally our guests can visit city museum and go for  sightseeing tour.

Transfer to Magadan Airport. Departure.



We advise our guests to have with them:

  • Sleeping bag
  • High rubber boots or fishing overalls (waders), raincoat or rain jacket
  • Clothes suitable for temperature range 0 to +20 degrees C
  • Repellents, protection against mosquitos and black fly (midgets)
  • Personal items packed into backpack
  • Individual first aid kit
  • Fishing equipment (spinning, fishing rod, fishing line, fly line, wobbler, jig, etc.)

Enjoy your trip! Good luck!

We hope you will find the tour that suits you best. Let us know your preferences and we will calculate the cost according to number of fishermen and your wishes.